Show Safety Statement

We all want to have a successful, enjoyable show but also a safe and accident-free occasion. To ensure this, the co-operation of all is vital, including exhibitors, spectators and organisers.

A few guidelines to note in relation to safety are as follows:

  • Please be aware that the ground may be uneven and exercise caution
  • Please observe signs - especially those relating to caution in livestock areas and where dogs are concerned.
  • Please do not exhibit animals that are unsuitable with regard to safety e.g. hard to control.
  • It is advisable that all exhibitors have insurance on their animals, which includes exhibiting at the Show.
  • All animals must be led by a competent handler and be halter trained.
  • Animals should not be tied to trailers. but penned or tied securely to the rail provided. 
  • Dogs should be on a lead and under the control of the handler and are prohibited in indoors halls and marquees due to crowds and danger of being stepped on.
  • Caution respect and care for others should be exercised at all times
  • This is a public event and images may be taken at the event that are used in social media that the show organisers have no control over. .



County Fermanagh Farming Society recognises its responsibility forestablishing and maintaining a safe working environment for its employees and others, including the public, who may be affected by its activities.

Responsibility for safety is given priority in the formulation of policy and in decision making at all levels of management.

This responsibility arises from:

(1) A moral responsibility to provide the best practice healthy and safe working environment.

(2) Legal obligations imposed by all relevant safety legislation.

(3) Recognition that efficient and economic working can be best achieved by safe working practices and conditions.

(4) We expect all third parties attending the shows with trade stands of exhibits to have third party liability insurance cover.


Society policy is to provide the resources and controls necessary to exercise its general duties as an employer so as to ensure:

(1) A safe place of work

(2) Safe means of access and safe means of exiting from any workplace under its control.

(3) Safe design, construction and operation of well-maintained plant, machinery and equipment.

(4) Safe working methods.

(5) Provision of such information, instruction and supervision as is necessary to ensure the health and safety of all affected by the Society's operations.

(6) Provision of first aid facilities.



It is the responsibility of stewards, judges, exhibitors and the general public to co-operate fully with the Society in all matters affecting safety.

The Committee of Management will appoint Safety Officers with specific responsibility for carrying out the Society’s policy.

However all those working for the society, exhibitors and the public have a responsibility for Health and Safety.


The society will set in place procedures whenever possible to segregate traffic, animals and the general public.

It is the duty of all persons attending the Show to comply with these procedures.


In the event of a fire in the main building, the fire alarm will be activated. All persons should make their way from the rear of the building to the car park area.

In the event of a fire outside the Main Building, the information should be passed to the Secretary’s Office or the Showgrounds Commentary Box and the immediate area cleared.


In the event of a fire or other hazard, a decision to evacuate any area of the show will be taken by the senior official present.

Directions to the Public will be given by the public address system based in the Secretary's office or the Commentary Box.

All officials will familiarise themselves with exit routes in their immediate area.


Caterers are reminded of their obligations under the regulations to ensure the hygiene of their operations.

The public are reminded of the dangers of contact with animals.

Children in particular should be reminded of the need to wash their hands after contact with animals.

The Society will provide toilet and washing facilities where possible.


The society will provide electrical power under the direction of a qualified electrician.

Exhibitors must ensure that their electrical installations are checked by a qualified electrician.

Gas cylinders must be stored according to current regulations.

Suitable fire fighting equipment must be provided where a risk of fire exists.

All cutting edges must be adequately protected.

All hydraulic equipment must be adequately propped and secured against accidental operation.

Vehicles must be parked on flat ground and secured.

Equipment should be supervised by properly trained staff and access by the public should be under supervision.

All chemicals, small plant and other equipment shall only be displayed under proper supervision.


A paramedic team are the First Aiders on duty during the Show.

If required, they should be contacted through the Secretary’s Office, the Commentary Box or from the Notice Board outside the Secretary’s Office.



So, have a safe and enjoyable visit to our Show.