Exhibitor Itinerary 2023

 Fri, 11th Aug, 2023

Times & Instructions for Show Days

Exhibitors please note:

Home Industries:                                                                                                             

Exhibits to be staged Thursday evening 10th August 6 - 9pm.                                                    Perishables to be brought in on Friday morning 9am - 11am (all vehicles must be moved off site asap to allow Traders to set up outdoor stands).Displays in Indoor Arenas.

Access via Castle Street.


Must arrive on Saturday 12th from 7am - 8.30am only, (all vehicles must be moved to parking areas). Friday drop off is optional.

Access via Castle Street.

Dog Show:                                                                                                               

Entries on field from 5.30pm in Sand Paddock beneath Walled Garden over little bridge. Public parking in filed short walk to Dog Show.

Access via Grand White Gates. 

Cattle & Sheep:                                                                                                                          

To arrive on Saturday 12th from 7am - 8.15am. Stewards will direct traffic with Livestock to off load and park close by rings.

Remember to bring appropriate paperwork for all Livestock 

Access via Grand White Gates


To arrive on Friday 11th afternoon.

Access via Castle Street proceeding over the bridge past walled garden to Rose Wall Stables.

It is a one way system only for stock arrivals.